Disruptive technology, a complex regulatory environment, and the quest for affordability make health care provider consolidation much different than it was two decades ago. We implement several strategies to help hospitals and physicians achieve better alignment and meet their value-based care goals including but not limited to data-driven decisions, knowing your partners, personalization of patient experience and empowering the physicians.

Representative Solutions


Financial Management
Product Development & Management
Member Management
Sales and Marketing
Claims Processing Management
Pharmacy Management
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence


Clinical Quality Management and Comparative Effectiveness (EBM)
Revenue Cycle Management
Supply Chain Management
Capacity Management
Clinical and Operational Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence


Research and Development (Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trial Management & Comparative Effectiveness)
Commercial Operations Management Including Supply Chain & Sales / Channel Management
Financial Management
Sales and Marketing
Clinical and Commercial Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Information Management & Analytic Solution Capabilities


Corporate and Financial Reporting
Predictive Claim Fraud Detection
Member Profiling & Segmentation
Rx utilization and adherence
EBM Compliance and Comparative Effectiveness
Customer / Broker Analytics & Reporting


Corporate and Financial Reporting
Quality Measurement & Management
Disease & Outcomes Management
Demand Forecasting
Revenue Forecasting & Reporting
Labor and Supply Chain Forecasting & Reporting


Corporate and Financial Reporting
Customer Segmentation & Analytics
Clinical Trials Reporting
Clinical Analytics
Commercial Process Analytics (Sales/ Marketing Analytics Reporting)

Problems We Solve

Lean  Innovators

Differentiate on their efficient operating model and innovates around those efficiencies.

Many are former generics companies formed as lean financially-driven, acquisitive organizations with superior supply chain and increasingly diversified products and services.

Around The Patient Innovators

Have deep understanding and focus on the patient journey to receive appropriate treatment.

Many recasting themselves as digital medicines companies with highly differentiating revenue and operating models.

Value Innovators

Are committed to outcomes as the basis of the value they deliver to the health system and patients.

Most in this segment are device and therapeutics companies transitioning from products to services; often through extended, remotely delivered services.

New Health Digitals

Provide the foundational elements of the new healthcare ecosystem.

Many companies are either digital-to-health or health-to-digital, where each can leverage and advantaged infrastructure.

Healthcare Technology Use-Cases We Are Eager to Solve for You

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of health vitals with intelligent analytics to notify a member LifeCare network when needed.

Retail Clinics

Provide people with convenient access to routine care with information connected and synchronized across the ecosystem.

Connected Home

Access to my health information enriched with insights to help simplify decisions and actions.

Auto Patient Access

Intelligent personal devices become an extension of the patient facilitating automated access and information sharing.

Virtual Care Circles

People receive real-time information and notifications that allow for more meaningful and productive interactions with doctors.

Omni-Channel Experience

Personalized digital health hub supports people in improvement and maintenance of health seamlessly across interactions to make healthcare simple.

Intelligent Treatments

Treatment plans are customized based on people’s person as and continuously learn based on individual actions.

Me, My Data & I

Intelligent personal devices become the center to help people improve and maintain their health throughout their life.

Virtual Care Team

First point of contact to coordinate care and support for people in times of need. Simple,
secure access to care in real-time with reliable.

Connected care

Information is coordinated and synchronized across new ecosystem of virtual networks from home care to retail clinics to hospitals.

Coordinated ecosystems

Health ecosystem will be extended for a seamless people centered experience.

Augmented Wayfinding

Intelligent machines on people and facilities communicate to provide smart assistance in physical clinical settings.

Seamless Financing

Health finances paid seamlessly behind the scenes with ongoing care coordinated.

Intelligent Machines

Transparent , real-time updates on people’s relevant data allow virtual care teams to refine treatment and improve outcomes for their.

Ecosystem Relationships

Pioneering Unique Relations With Ecosystem Providers

Enterprise Software Leaders

Infrastructure Incumbents

Cloud Stars

Digital Giants

Original Equipment Manufacturers