High Tech

We support High Tech companies with a deep understanding of the industry itself when it comes to business: there is a growing need to better address very specific challenges that are unique to this industry segment with the ecosystem knowledge.

The segments we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Consumer Technology
  • Healthcare Technology

To win in the changing industry landscape, high-tech incumbents need to accelerate the renewal of their core business while investing in building new platforms and “as-a-service” business models. A digitally transformed future is inevitable. But despite ongoing digital investments, few high-tech companies have a clear and disciplined focus on growth and transformation by:


Integrating “as a service” and technology platform-based models in the core of the business strategy.


Offering software-centric innovations that can enable a product or platform.


Providing an engaging and seamless customer experience accessible universally and securely across all channels.


Reinventing or innovating around new business models leveraging technology.

Sofware & Platforms

Layers of communication, data collection, monitoring, and control solution that manage the shop floor ececution of the factory.

Communication & Media

Advanced communications and control abilities that enable real-time,autonomous, self-directed, decicions by production machines and products.