The IoT is an acceleration of technologies that manufacturers have long used electronic sensors to monitor equipment, measure output, and provide environmental data on assembly lines. Modern IoT devices help change the sensor landscape because of their fast processors, low-cost electronics, and low-power wireless connectivity. Now organizations can deploy a significantly larger IoT system and gather far more data than with previous generations of sensors. The IoT opens new avenues for data gathering and analysis. Discovering insights within an ever- changing flood of low-value raw data requires new services, algorithms, and event rules.

By leveraging Edge Services, we can help our clients with – Persistence and Streaming:

Stores IoT data on the IoT Gateway. This gives IoT decision makers flexibility as to what data is stored locally and for how long including analysis of IoT data streams using defined conditions to identify patterns in incoming data.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning:

Applies the machine learning algorithms of Machine Learning and a predictive model for analyzing IoT data. The predictive model remains on the central data-analysis system, such as the SAP HANA platform, and it is continuously refined using the system’s available data.

Digital Foundation

Layers of communication, data collection, monitoring, and control solution that manage the shop floor execution of the factory.

Intelligent Automation and Control

Advanced communications and control abilities that enable real-time,autonomous, self-directed, decisions by production machines and products.

Operations Analytics & Process Monitoring

Proactive analysis of micro/macro data to reveal trends/anomalies that alter decisions regarding reliability, technical operations, quality, safety, predictive maintenance, etc.

Digital Safety & Energy Managements

Safety solutions that monitor an individual’s location and exposure to hazards. Energy systems that monitor and control energy consumption.


Mobile solutions that capture, analyze and communicate information to/form users and enable real-time execution of operations and fact-based decisions.

Advanced Technologies

Digital enablement of manufacturing technologies including robotics, simulation, and 3D printing to drive hardware/software performance improvement.

Engineering Collaboration

Digital designs that can be readily shared with production to enable networked products that move quickly/proactively from idea to launch.

Digital Productions System

A digital platform that captures internal/external experiences, knowledge, and best practices to drive continuous improvements of manufacturing operations across the network.

Talent Development & Learning

Solutions to develop, update and re-skill workers, including on-line learning, recorded and real-time video, digital assistance, coaching, mentoring & new approaches to performance management.

Manufacturing Control Tower

Operations monitoring/modeling, including suppliers and contract manufacturing, that facilitates focused, real-time decision making.

Industrial Security

Threat prevention techniques and solutions that predict, detect, understand, and responds to mitigate risk across traditional IT platforms as well as physical OR assets.